SACRAMENTO – CalCAPA is pleased to announce the launch of a powerful new communication hub for the California Community Action Agency network! CalCAPA Connect is a free public digital workspace that enables people supporting Community Action to share their expertise with those who need it most. CalCAPA Connect is built on the popular Slack interface and is hosted and monitored by the staff at CalCAPA.

The first major objective of CalCAPA Connect is to organize affinity groups across the network. Starting in a virtual space allows organic growth of groups that have common missions, clients, and struggles. Those who wish to take a leadership role now have a platform for growing initiatives unique to regions within California and get support at a state and nation-wide level.

Communication Channels

CalCAPA Connect is divided into several dedicated message boards known as channels. This helps organize conversations and information through relevant topics including:

  • # caa-board-members
  • # caa-csbg
  • # caa-get-connected
  • # caa-need-help-asap
  • # caa-please-share-this
  • # caa-programs
  • # caa-roma

Why Slack?

Slack is a communication platform that started as a digital workspace for software development teams. In the past several years it has grown into a nimble tool for closed networks of people to share information in text threads, including document sharing, voice calls, and individual breakout chats.

A big promise of using a tool like Slack is to encourage open sharing of ideas across the network. Users can access the network in seconds from desktop or mobile to:

  • Ask for guidance from network professionals, trainers, and mentors
  • Get feedback on strategic plan components
  • Interact with classmates of on-site or online training
  • Search solutions for problems faced by Community Action Agencies
  • Research conversations for answers or add to conversations for clarity
  • Share successes and encourage others to promote ideas
  • Share video clips from YouTube and other sources (featured news broadcasts, short documentaries, training videos, etc.)
  • Keep your peers informed
  • Much, much more!

How do you Connect?

Register for the first time -or- login.

Join us today! There is no obligation to interact, though your voice is valuable to the discussions. The California Community Action Agency network is the largest in the country. It’s time that we have a common place to connect! You may be surprised at how productive it is to Slack on CalCAPA Connect.