CalCAPA is pleased to announce the official launch of CalCAPA Academy, a Moodle-based Learning Management System (LMS) designed for California’s Community Action Agencies. A fundamental goal for CalCAPA is to provide Training and Technical Assistance (T/TA) to its association members. The launch of CalCAPA Academy represents the first of many modernization initiatives intended to provide member leadership, staff, and boards of directors with state-of-the-art tools to help ensure the effectiveness of T/TA investments.

What is an LMS?

Until recently, CalCAPA has tracked T/TA activity with emails to multiple staff; phonecalls documented in filing cabinets; and scanned sign-in sheets, feedback forms, and activity reports. That system results in piles of repetitive paperwork, potentials for miscommunications, and training requests lost in staff transitions. A Learning Management System replaces that.

An LMS enables CalCAPA to provide more, better, and less-expensive training for an evolving network of Community Action Agencies. Here are a few of the many benefits CalCAPA member agencies will experience:

  • On-demand access to a growing library of e-learning subject matter
  • Course tracking (learning history) for CAA staff and board members
  • Integrated access to CalCAPA Connect
  • Course development by network contributors (with CalCAPA oversight)
  • Immediate course feedback for trainers, CalCAPA, and CSD
  • Competency tracking based on CSBG Operational Standards
  • CalCAPA Academy Marketplace for access to additional workforce development by authorized vendors

Why Moodle?

CalCAPA chose Moodle as the base LMS technology based on three major criteria.

  • Cost of expansion – Key2School, a Moodle hosting service, offers an affordable flat-rate model for adding users in tiers (unlike most LMS providers that charge per user).
  • Compatibility across national networks – Moodle has become the most commonly used platform across the U.S. for Community Action Agencies and Associations.
  • The flexibility of Open Source – Moodle allows API access to other important tracking systems that CalCAPA uses.

What is available now?

CalCAPA Academy is active and functional for the following services:

  • Tripartite Boards: Roles & Responsibilities (online board member orientation)
  • Request on-site training (by training topic from CalCAPA or authorized vendors)
  • Register for currently-scheduled on-site training
  • Link to NCAP Community Action Academy
  • View learning history (beginning 1/1/2019)
  • Link to CalCAPA Connect

How does my agency participate?

CalCAPA Academy is open to all CAA’s with current CalCAPA membership at There, agency staff or board members can register for immediate access. After that, users can access their CalCAPA Academy account through a web browser or the mobile Moodle app on smartphones or tablets. (Non-Member agencies or agencies not current on association dues may request access by email or enter the site with limited guest access.)

Do you have questions about CalCAPA Academy? Email us at or call 916-443-1721.