Mission-Based Leadership 2020 Location Search
CalCAPA is still finalizing exact dates and locations for Mission-Based Leadership Workshops in 2020. Where should this year’s three workshops be held? Topics for the Spring, Summer, and Winter workshops and waiting list requests are available in CalCAPA Academy.

New Term: HCCT
Have you seen this new term popping up: HCCT? The main focus for the Regional Performance Innovation Consortium (RPIC) in 2020-2022 is Human Capacity Community Transformation, or HCCT, initiatives. Such initiatives are closely related to CSBG Annual Report Module 3 and typically involve partnering with other community leaders to create measurable change at the community level. In the months to come, CalCAPA will be celebrating California’s current and future HCCT initiatives in all domains of community transformation. If you are interested in proactively accessing more information about HCCT initiatives and how the RPIC will support them, contact CalCAPA’s RPIC program manager, Lawrence Hiner at lhiner@calcapa.org.

New on CalCAPA Connect
Need some insight on how other agencies in California do things? Have questions on programs or T/TA opportunities? Want to take a poll of public, private, rural, or urban agencies? It’s easy with SurveyMonkey and Slack! Log in here. Type in /survey to get your feedback from the network.