On October 1, 2019, CalCAPA and the California CSBG State Office (CSD) are launching a joint training program designed for top-level leaders of CSBG funded organizations. The 18-month program guides new and prospective executive directors, CEOs, or similar titleholders through a general orientation of the program. It also prepares the leader for the organizational demands of their job through a series of topical training sessions based on the top needs of past leaders.

Training begins with an orientation to the CSBG program provided by CSD. During this time, the new leader receives technical assistance to provide the agency with all necessary technical setup and reporting expectations. The leader will also receive core information pertaining to the operation of their agency and how they fit into the California CSBG network. After initial onboarding, at approximately 6 to 8 months into their role, the leader will attend a series of bi-monthly training workshops with a cohort of other new and aspiring leaders. These workshops cover a variety of leadership development skills and practices that are tailored to the demands of a Community Action Agency Leader.



  1. Initial Onboarding (first 30 days)
    • Initial contact with CSD (usually by phone)
    • Verify access to EARS, CSG, Provider’s Website, etc.
    • Schedule Onboarding training (onsite 1-day)
  2. Field Operations Onboarding Process
    • 60, 90, 120, 150, 180, 210-day phone sessions with CSD Field Operations
    • Check-in calls with follow-up on the previous session
  3. Working with the Board of Directors
  4. Fiscal Training (CSBG-specific)
  5. Hiring Staff and Delegating Responsibilities
    • Assessments – Do’s and Don’ts
    • Hiring Best Practices for nonprofits
    • Volunteers vs. Staff
    • Delegating to individual strengths
  6. ROMA for ED’s
    • Logic model awareness
    • Accountability and management teams
  7. Attaining Team Results
    • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
    • Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results
  8. Succession Planning
    • Start recruiting or training early



To enroll for the program or for more information, contact CalCAPA Training and Technical Assistance at training@calcapa.org or your CSD Field Representative.