The Census Bureau does specialized surveys in addition to the 2020 nationwide Census. There are many types of jobs, some hiring now and some hiring in 2019 and some not until 2020. This e-mail is to focus your attention on these jobs, and to point you to some sources of information. The types, numbers and availability of jobs vary from state to state and county to county and month to month. So the only way to find out what is available in any given month is to go up on their website and look.

Two of the temporary jobs that are very relevant to community action are described below. Many of these are focused on one county, and are work-from-home jobs.

I. Enumerator, aka Census Taker. “Enumerators complete their research in specific areas. They typically begin by reviewing their assigned addresses and preparing an efficient route. Once a route is planned, census takers travel to designated households and conduct interviews with residents.” For the 2020 Census, this is a person who follows up with people who have not returned the complete form by mail or computer, or who have not answered one or more questions (i.e. left them blank). The procedures may vary from region to region (and from population category to population category) but the current perception is that a person who does not answer only one question (ONE) may or may not get a follow-up call. A person who does not answer TWO or more questions will first get a phone call and a Census Bureau person will try to obtain the info over the phone. If the phone call does not get the form completed, working off of lists of addresses provided by the Regional Office, an enumerator will go knock on their door. The enumerator will go back up to six times, and if they cannot find the person they are looking for then they may try to obtain the info from a neighbor. Enumerators are hired by the Regional Offices. To find your regional office and the number of jobs in your state, go here:

Qualifications: Here are the detailed criteria, and the form the person uses to apply. The person does not have to be a U.S Citizen but does need to be a permanent resident or otherwise authorized to work in the U.S. by the Department of Homeland Security.

They have to have a Social Security Number.

The current “street talk” is that the Census Bureau will hire about 150,000 enumerators at $17.00 an hour. Refer every eligible and qualified person for the enumerator jobs. This is a BIG opportunity!

II. Partnership Specialist. Census has hired 200 already and will hire will hire 1,300 more. Most of them will work from home setting up and maintaining partnerships with governmental and nonprofit organizations in a single county. They are filling some of these jobs NOW. Through this work, these folks will get to know every organization in your county. After the census, hire one of them permanently, part-time or as a consultant for your community engagement or collective impact work. The Partnership Specialist jobs pay about $50,000 a year.

There are other types of jobs. Look around on the Census Bureau website to find out what is happening in your region and state. CAAs should try to help people get many these positions.