2019 T/TA Year in Review

CalCAPA T/TA had an exciting year full of new product development and taking on challenges in new areas. We began with the launch of an all-new learning management system based on the Moodle technology called CalCAPA Academy. We introduced a new way for board members to receive critical orientation information over the internet. We launched a communication network featuring Slack called CalCAPA Connect. We also met requests for training with a variety of options including trusted network contractors and a few new faces. Based on the outcomes of our endeavors, CalCAPA T/TA is anticipating a robust 2020 as a result of 2019 T/TA accomplishments.


Network Assessment

More certified ROMA Implementors and Trainers

During 2019, CSD made funds available for agency staff to become Nationally Certified ROMA Implementors (NCRI). 17 scholarships were issued to certification applicants from agencies across California. Certification Phase II in-person training was held twice in Sacramento and welcomed applicants from across California, Region IX, and the national network. Besides ROMA Implementor certification, California also hosted a ROMA Trainer certification expanding the base of available trainers by three.

Executive Director Development needs updating

CalCAPA worked with CSD over the course of the year to establish the core curriculum of Mission-Based Leadership – a series of 2-3 day workshops held throughout the year and across the state. The primary focus of the program is to enhance the onboarding experience for new Executive Directors. However, the leadership development program is also suitable for new and aspiring senior managers from across the Community Action network – including contractors. The first Winter Workshop includes topics of Attaining Team Results and Succession Planning.

More learning programs for Managers, Supervisors, and Staff

Based on the network assessment taken in early 2019, CalCAP has worked to expand the availability of workforce development opportunities for Program Managers, Supervisors, and Staff. CalCAPA has expanded available offerings for staff development to include StrengthsFinder, Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™, Everything DiSC®, among other custom content from participating vendors. Workshops and pricing are available at CalCAPA Academy Marketplace.


CalCAPA Academy

Site Launch

2019 saw the launch of CalCAPA Academy, California’s noteworthy entre into the eLearning realm. During the course of the year, the fledgling site saw a meteoric rise in popularity around the network for approaching learning activities by web delivery. This year, three agencies volunteered their boards pilot a new self-guided online Board Member Orientation program. The program was scripted by CAPLAW with visual content generated by CalCAPA. Participants enjoy the self-guided structure of the training course and agencies appreciate the immense cost-savings of consistent, online content.

National Collaboration

As CalCAPA Academy was coming online, several associations, including the national partnership, began using Moodle as an online authoring platform for new training. CalCAPA is taking this opportunity to grow our contributions to the library of available courses – while simultaneously receiving access to courses developed by other sources. CalCAPA’s Lawrence Hiner took a leadership role at the partnership conference in Chicago with a panel discussion “What’s a Moodle?” co-hosted with Courtney Kohler. At the Region IX RPIC conference, Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii agreed to participate in a regional expansion of CalCAPA Academy based on its initial success.

Ramping up production

As with any learning library, CalCAPA Academy is only as good as its content – both quality and practical quantity. CalCAPA has established relationships with additional groups to provide highly applicable content for California-based CAAs. CSD has started a team of content developers to work closely with CalCAPA to provide highly customized learning tools to increase efficiency and reduce errors from accurately reporting and adhering to Organizational Standards. CalCAPA is also contracting with local content developers to provide more engaging learning content for all levels of the network starting with staff orientation.


Network Communication

CalCAPA Connect via Slack

In 2019, CalCAPA introduced the network to the communication platform Slack with CalCAPA Connect. The service is free to join and use. It provides the network with a just-in-time communication platform that truncates project communication to streamline productivity. CalCAPA staff also use Slack four to five times more frequently than standard email communication. For more info on how to establish a free Slack for Nonprofits account and set up some shared communication channels, please contact training@calcapa.org.

Affinity Groups with CSD

The network has seen versions of affinity groups come and go. CalCAP is working with CSD and other national groups to help bolster the effectiveness of affinity groups around the state. CalCAPA is supporting both ROMA Implementor/Trainer and Small/Rural Agencies in a reimagining of how affinity groups operate. To start, groups are engaging in calls and activities that are relevant to the group and allows a space for sharing tools, practices, and get answers to questions from peers, professionals, CSD, and CalCAPA.