Today, high-speed Internet (broadband) access is essential for homework, employment applications, job training, health services, and civic activities.  Yet 31% of Californians do not have high-speed Internet and a computer at home. Too many low-income, rural, and disabled Californians are disenfranchised from our digital economy because of cost and lack of access.

CalCAPA has been awarded funding through the Get Connected! grant, administered by the California Emerging Technology Fund. The purpose of this grant is to reach low-income residents and hard to reach populations in Central and Northern California to provide affordable broadband service in their homes. This grant will run through June 2021. Through this program, families and individuals will be able to receive high-speed internet for as little as $10 per month and a free Chromebook.

CalCAPA will be relying on our Central and Northern California agencies to help spread the word about this program. We plan to also engage HeadStart programs in an effort to reach families with school-age children. In exchange, for each family or individual an agency refers that adopts the program, the agency will receive an incentive. To see a full list of eligible zip codes covered by the grant, please click here. If you are interested in partnering with CalCAPA to make this program available in your community, please reach out to