CalCAPA Membership Benefits Include: 

  • Free agency specific training that is tailored to meet your needs on a variety of topics including board orientation & governance, organizational standards, ROMA for staff and/or Board, organizational self-assessment, strategic planning & more
  • Free membership to CAPLAW, the only organization dedicated to providing legal training and technical assistance to local Community Action Agencies and to making referrals to networks of attorneys across the country. (Depending on your agency size  this is a savings of up to $825 per year)
  • Free membership in Virtual-CAP which collects best practices, policies and more from the Community Action Network around the nation. (This is a savings of $125 per year)
  • Free registration for ROMA Implementer Training (Normally $775 per person)
  • Scholarships offered for New Executive Director’s Boot Camp that includes presentations from CAP, NCAF, WIPFLI, and NASCSP ($750 per person)
  • Scholarships offered for agency professionals seeking the Certified Community Action Professional (CCAP) ($600 per person)
  • Significant Discounts on Training Programs as well as Technical Assistance from California Community Economic Development Association (CCEDA)
  • Free Access to association sponsored Webinars
  • Regular Legislative Updates during the Legislative session throughout the year
  • Advocacy with the California State Assembly and Senate
  • Advocacy with the California Congressional Delegations
  • Access to national community action leaders with the opportunity to provide input and shape direction
  • Network of Peer Experts around the state in a variety of programmatic and administrative areas
  • Monthly E-Newsletter with relevant information for Community Action
  • Access to regional Community Action collaboratives around the state as a forum to address common issues
  • Access to four membership meetings a year (two general membership meetings and two Executive Director Roundtables)
  • Discounted Registration at the CalCAPA annual conference, which is the only statewide conference in California designed by Community Action for Community Action and has up to 40 workshops per year.

How You Can Be Involved:

  • Participate in a CalCAPA training session, conference or a regional collaborative meeting
  • Share thoughts/concerns on issues affecting your agency or Community Action with CalCAPA staff
  • Share thoughts or concerns on issues affecting either your agency or Community Action with national Community Action representatives on the CalCAPA Board
  • Take advantage of free agency specific training opportunities that can be delivered on-site
  • Take advantage of scholarship dollars for various training endeavors such as New Executive Director Boot Camp, Certified Community Action Professional Designation, and the ROMA Implementer training
  • Serve on a CalCAPA Committee. Our current committees are:

Legislative and Public Policy: which deals with issues around legislation and policy aims that CalCAPA may choose to pursue.

Advocacy and Education: This committee deals with broad advocacy issues that frequently have a statewide reach and a component that requires increased education effort around them and pursuing opportunities for the Community Action network on behalf of the clients we serve.

Meetings and Membership: This committee works on planning the annual conference each year and in examining issues affecting the CalCAPA membership.

What Does CalCAPA Ask of My Agency?

As you can see, CalCAPA provides a plethora of membership benefits to support your Community Action Agency and the great work you do. In return, our only asks are:

When you receive your 2018 CalCAPA dues invoice, please pay promptly.

In comparison to other states and relative to the level of services agencies receive, California has the largest number of Community Action Agencies nationwide and CalCAPA works to serve all of our members. CalCAPA strives to keep membership dues very low and provide greater benefit to the agencies we serve. Membership dues help us to offer a variety of the benefits that we do as well as to pursue advocacy efforts on behalf of Community Action that we cannot charge to grants.

As you can see, there are a plethora of membership benefits, and the dues in California are very low compared to other states relative to the level of services agencies receive. California is the largest state in the union by a wide variety of measures, to include the largest number of Community Action Agencies and we work to serve all agencies. Membership dues additionally allow us to pursue advocacy efforts on behalf of Community Action that we cannot charge to grants.

With a plethora of membership benefits, in comparison to other states our dues are lower in relative to the level of services agencies receive with California being the largest state in the union by a wide variety of measures. These membership dues allow us to pursue advocacy efforts on behalf of Community Action that we cannot charge to grants.

When asked, we appreciate your agency sharing information about needs, wants, program successes, and client success stories.

Having solid information from agencies about what they want and need helps us tailor our services for member agencies. Client success stories will help to capture the impact of community action and to tell the Community Action story both in California and in Washington DC.

Please support NCAF by subscribing to CAP-FACTS: This is a bi-weekly publication that highlights issues of importance to the Community Action Network and supports the only organization that lobbies exclusively for Community Action on Capitol Hill. Subscription cost for this invaluable bi-weekly publication is $1,000 per year.