• Network training and technical assistance that help members build organizational capacity, improve organizational performance and enhance service delivery
  • Professional development opportunities that impart knowledge and understanding and increase the skills and abilities of participants
  • Capacity building tools, developed in collaboration with state and federal partners, which allows members to remain current and well-trained at a minimal cost
  • Customized training and technical assistance available upon request

Types of training and technical assistance:

  • Program Administration and Financial Management
  • Leadership & Executive Management Development
  • Succession and Strategic Planning
  • Board Governance and Risk Management
  • Results Oriented Management & Accountability
  • National Professional Certifications


  • Advocacy at state, regional and national levels for effective policies, continued funding and increased resources and support for Community Action programs and the clients they serve
  • Public awareness campaigns that educate public and elected officials about the work of Community Action and promote a greater understanding of poverty throughout California
  • Tracking and monitoring of relevant legislation and regulations
  • Representation in meetings and on committees at regional and national levels including the Region IX RPIC, the national Partnership, NASCSP and the Office of Community Services


  • Ability to provide input and participate in information exchange at state, regional and national level discussions on public policy and other CSBG-related issues
  • Skill sharing and knowledge advancement through conferences, seminars and communications
  • Resource-sharing opportunities with governmental departments, other social service providers, and member agencies who share in the commitment to increasing the economic security and self-sufficiency of low-income Californians
  • Access to advice and direct referrals for resources related to CSBG, Community Action, non-profit management, program development, funding development, board development, and all matters concerning low-income service programs
  • Pilot project opportunities that in collaboration with state and federal partners shape Community Action
  • Regular e-mail communication, information, notification, and announcements about related funding opportunities, grant applications, local and national trends, training opportunities, the exemplary work of the network, and all matters related to poverty and low-income programs and issues and includes valuable information from local, state and federal perspectives
  • A member website that hosts multiple resources and tools for networking and development

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