The California Community Action Partnership Association (CalCAPA) empowers members through capacity building, representation and outreach. Founded in 1976, CalCAPA serves member Community Action Agencies (CAAs) and other Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) funded organizations that deliver human services to economically disadvantaged families and children across California. 


CalCAPA’s mission is to advance our members’ ability to help economically disadvantaged Californians achieve self-sufficiency by generating quality training and technical assistance, developing and promoting transformative public policies and practices and building awareness and partnerships for a more equitable economy.


CalCAPA envisions an abundant world in which people of all backgrounds are self-sufficient, equitably sharing resources, embracing social responsibility and enjoying collective prosperity. CalCAPA strives to be the premier poverty- fighting membership organization in California where culture and commitment created by our dynamic leadership and innovative staff supports individual and organizational excellence and sustainability.


Equity | we value fair and just treatment of all people

Trust | we value innate strength of character and honesty

Respect | we value the dignity and humanity of all people

Compassion | we value the ability sympathize and yearning to aid those in need

Inclusion | we value diversity and the relevance of all people

Empowerment | we value helping others to help themselves